High Tech Field Hockey Stick.

South Coast Composites were approached by Crown Hockey Ltd with the challenge of developing a revolutionary new hockey stick, with substantially lower mass, incredible impact resistance and to integrating their patented vibration damping and dimpled design.

With our expertise in the Motorsport we were able to help Crown Hockey to develop a hockey stick with:

  • High quality consolidation

    Through assessing competitor products we found that substantial improvements could be made to the fracture toughness of the stick through proper consolidation in the lay-up process and high quality curing, substantially reducing crack propagation.

  • Material Selection

    We were able to help Crown Hockey source the right combination of materials and produce prototypes for user testing that were lighter and more impact resistant than any other hockey stick on the market.

  • A-Class Finsh

    With our years of experience we were able to help Crown Hockey develop a moulding process that produces an A-Class finishing straight out of the mould at a consumer goods manufacturing price point.

  • Complex Dimple Moulding

    With incredibly tight radii the dimpled texture required significant development in order to find the right moulding process to create one fully integrated monocoque component.

Luxury Instruments

Designed by Martin Sims for professional musicians and hyper-guitar enthusiasts, Enfield Guitars is a custom design and build guitar company who wanted to create a range of luxury lightweight guitars. Founder Martin Sim’s approached SCC to develop a set of carbon fibre moulds and carbon fibre composite guitars.

SCC’s engineers worked with Martin Sims to select the right materials and process for the guitars and were able to create a perfect A-Class finish straight out of the mould with an aesthetically consistent weave pattern.

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