Project Description

“South Coast Composites are the ‘go to’ and trusted supplier for ‘structurally integral’ components for podium winning Formula One teams.”

Pre-impregnated composite materials is the chosen material for many of our high value manufacturing clients for it’s even distribution of resin, high degree of control of fibre weight ratio and customisability when it is made. Pre-impregnated carbon fibre is also inherently more stable, as the pre-impregnated resin matrix holds the fibres together when it is being handled, making it an incredibly consistent material for high performance and structurally integral components.

There are a huge selection of resins and composite fabrics on the market and it is our job to get the exact properties out of the material that you originally selected it for. Its through years of experience in laminating, properly training and passing this knowledge onto our workforce that we have seen such loyalty from our high value manufacturing clients, year after year.

Our highly skilled team are long-standing industry experts, who set out to produce excellent quality parts. We let our work speak for itself.

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