Project Description


  • Dedicated spotlit inspection room for detailed examination of component surface quality, geometric and dimension tolerance checks.
  • A-class part traceability for structurally integral components with conformance reporting synced directly to our key clients’ servers.
  • Wide selection of probes and measurement devices to assess each component’s conformance to the client’s CAD models and technical drawings.
  • AS9100 Rev.D approved standard.
  • Reputable and proven excellence for high value manufacturing clients.

3D Laser Inspection

At SCC we have optional in-house 3D laser scanning inspection, which enables us to offer an AS9100 Rev.D quality management system approved inspection service, providing both geometric and dimension tolerance reporting. This is particularly useful for aerodynamic component that are often difficult to inspect by hand. Our Hexagon Absolute Romer scanning arm is capable of identifying the accuracy of our components to within 39um and can digitally inspect surface smoothness.

Project Details